A program to find SNPs and small indels in resequencing projects
Department of Molecular Genetics
VIB and University of Antwerp
Molecular Genetics VIB UA

Short description

novoSNP is a program that will help you find variations (SNPs and short INDELs) in resequencing projects. It takes a reference sequence and a number of sequencing trace files as input, and generates a list of possible variations with a quality score. novoSNP allows you to easily filter, sort and check the variations found visually and keep track of your verifications.


Academic users may download and use the application free of charge according to the accompanying license. Commercial users must obtain a commercial license from VIB. If you have used the program to obtain results, you must cite the following paper:
novoSNP, a novel computational tool for sequence variation discovery
Stefan Weckx, Jurgen Del-Favero, Rosa Rademakers, Lieve Claes, 
Marc Cruts, Peter De Jonghe, Christine Van Broeckhoven, Peter De Rijk
Genome Research (2005) 15(3):436-442